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Update on PP Arsonist

An arrest has been made.

Jedediah Stout, 30, of Joplin, was charged today in U.S. District Court in Springfield with attempting to damage or destroy the center by fire or explosive materials twice on Oct. 3 and Oct. 4. The U.S. Department of Justice said in a news release that both times Stout threw bags containing an accelrant onto the roof of the center and then ignited material attached to those bags.

With a name like Jedidiah Stout, you kinda have to be a right-wing nutter.

Also! Unless there’s more than one Jedidiah Stout, here’s his Facebook.


Just an FYI


EDIT: I was mistaken, it should read “two in over three nights,” not “attacked three nights in a row. This mistake was made because I cannot read. Two times is still a bad deal, though.

Just an FYI

The Planned Parenthood in Joplin has been attacked by an arsonist twice over the past three nights.

TWICE IN THE PAST THREE NIGHTS. Because JPD is too busy doling out speeding tickets I guess.

May I remind you that this is the same town where a mosque was burned down (after a failed attempt) back in August 2012.

Please reblog this! I dunno if anyone can make any use of the above photo or even lives in Joplin, but any information on this person should be called in to the JPD. Let’s catch this fuckhead!


The “R” Word

Today the Globe reports the story of Charles Gastel, a Joplin teacher charged with raping a young girl from Lamar.

Oh wait, I’m sorry–I mean, “engaged in sexual intercourse with.” I did a word search before the paywall locked me out, and there’s no appearance of the “R” word anywhere. Never mind that that’s what it’s called.
Newspaper articles about sexual assault are notorious for being poorly written in an unconscious (or deliberate) attempt to downplay the crime. The most common journalistic faux pas is the passive voice (which isn’t such a big problem in this article), but there’s also the avoidance of the word “rape”. This article gets really long-winded and awkward to avoid it. We have “engaged her in sexual intercourse”, which is not only TL;DR but inaccurate. An old man does not “engage in sexual intercourse” with a young girl. The word is rape. He rapes her.

And then there’s this bit:

…[the girl] and Gastel began engaging in sexual acts when she was 10, according to the affidavit.

Not only do we skirt around that icky “R” word, we also get to implicate the victim in her own assault! This 30+ year old man didn’t rape a 10 year-old; they “engaged in sexual acts” together, as equals! Go team!

Mr. Kennedy, I ask that you put more thought into these kinds of articles in the future. Research shows that the weak phrasing rampant in these articles do actual harm in the real world.


Joplin Globe Madness- On Our Anniversary, We Just Watched Thor and Ate Sushi

Me and the fella are living in sin (sweet, sweet tasty sin), and have no intention of changing that any time soon. Still, it’s nice to know what not put in a wedding anniversary ad.

For example, you may not want to fill it with a ridiculously long sexist ramble about your ancestors and how much you don’t know about genetics. Like in this ad that ran in today’s (11/25/12) Joplin Globe.

This is an actual anniversary notice that appeared in today’s paper. C/O the Joplin Globe.

Thank you, Mr. and Mrs. Strobel, for being an example. And for finding each other, so no poor innocent schmuck got into a relationship with either one of you and your evo-psych bullshit.

Fun Fact: this isn’t the first time the Strobels have ran this anniversary ad- I saw it several years ago (and also this year, which is why the link below goes to the 18th). The only reason I didn’t blog about it then was because the ad was TOO GODDAMN BIG for my scanner. It’s over tabloid size- 11.75″ x 16.5″, by my lady brains- and it fills up over two thirds of a page! Thanks, Joplin Globe E-Edition, for doing the hard work for me!

EDIT: I just remembered my pal Jeremiah Tucker also blogged about this ad during one of its previous runs. Go look!


Joplin Globe Madness: I Don’t Remember Any Donkeys In Jurassic Park

I’m going to try doing a weekly Joplin Globe Madness from now one, in an  effort to generate content for this blog. Check out this week’s samplings:

I don’t remember any donkeys in Jurassic Park. But Steve Gobel does, apparently. I love this man’s letters; they make me look forward to senility. Behold, an excerpt from “the Phoenix”:

They had not heard the call from Rush, Mark and Sean directly. They were alerted by Republican politicians who hearkened to the unbending, unrelenting, Jurassic Park donkey message.

What a sight it was to behold as the phoenix rose from the ashes because of three Jurassic Park donkeys.

It reminds me of how much beauty there is in this world. “Jurassic Park donkeys”. It’s like the world was crafted just for you and I out of stardust and songs.

Meanwhile, Gail Hurlbut, non-trad student and obvious victim of childhood teasing (HURLBUT?!?  Poor thing.) is yet another “independent” voter. You know the type- the voter that definitely is *not* independent but dammit, who wants to label themselves, man? Anyway, she’s all pissed off, not at Akin for saying horrible things about rape, but at the Republicans who felt a twinge in either their vestigial moral sense or in their pocketbooks and pulled their support for him (if only temporarily).

The main mistake for Missouri is that Todd Akin did not lose the election for the Senate because of his statements about rape. He lost the election because Republicans turned their backs on him. No matter how stupid the statements made by Democrats, they stick together. The Republicans did not have enough sense to do that.

It wasn’t Akin’s fault for saying hatefully stupid things! It was the mean ol’ other Republicans. Party of personal responsibility, you guys.

Todd Akin did not lose by many votes, which proves that he could have won the election in Missouri with continued support from the Republican Party. He did not have that support. I respect Mr. Akin for staying in the election and getting the many votes he did get. Many voters in Missouri wanted him to win, and I am one of them. God bless Todd Akin and his family.

Mr. Akin, someone needs to apologize to you.

We respect you, rape apologist and benighted doofus. We’re sorry we couldn’t save you from your own stupid big mouth.

How’s that for an apology?


I Feel More Confident Already

I am no stranger to shopping at adult stores. (For friends, I mean. It’s a gag gift. For a friend). Despite what the previous dumb parenthetical joke implies, I’m oddly comfortable shopping in them, especially for someone who has trouble finding the courage to ask for a water refill at a restaurant.

One of the most comfortable of the oddly comfortable was Romantic Delights, which I’ve shopped at since my college days. It says so right on their website:

Welcome to Romantic Delights. Our mission is to help women feel sexy and confident, along with improving the quality of couples love lives.

The most important aspect of great sex for a woman is a positive body image.

The better you feel about yourself, the better you’ll feel about the sex and the better the sex will be.

It’s all about making a woman feel good…. Satisfied…Confident….Special!

So I wonder how they went from that, to this:


Boy, I feel confident and special already.


I Should Probably Get Back to Blogging Shouldn’t I

Man, how many months has it been? There’s so much I’ve missed– dead celebrities, offensive legislation, fried chicken debates. You lose track of things once you start getting laid regularly.

Also! The atheist/skeptic/whatever movement blew up. Everybody got so sick of bullying dudebro skeptics, who were so clever when they found out the truth about God but didn’t think to apply that skepticism to gender roles or social issues, that we had a wee schism. C/O Jen McCreight of Blag Hag, we have leveled up to become Atheists Plus!

“Keep unintentionally or intentionally excluding women, minorities, and progressives while cluelessly wondering why you’re losing members, money, and clout. The rest of us will be moving on.

If you’re ready for this new wave of atheism, now is the time to speak up. Say that you’re ready. Vocally support organizations and individuals that are already doing it right. Vocally criticize the inappropriate and hateful behavior so the victims of such actions know you’re on their side. Demand that your organizations and clubs evolve, or start your own if they refuse.

The Boy’s Club may have historically ruled the movement, but they don’t own it. We can.”

I’m up for it. I am now an atheist plus. Or a plus atheist. Wev.

And to celebrate, I made a new t-shirt.

Sexist Skeptics Eff Off Shirt
Sexist Skeptics Eff Off Shirt by JohnnyKaje
Browse Zazzle for another

Hopefully I can get my shit together and get a booth set up at Skepticon. But if I don’t, you can still get your shirts now! Wear it the next time you’re inexplicably booked for TAM! and can’t find someone else to go in your stead.



I appreciate Kay Bradley’s reality check in Sunday’s paper. I especially appreciate the sheer effort she put in journeying from her reality into ours.

In our clamoring for our sweet, sweet child support money and abortion parties, we often forget just how lucky we are here, in the world’s #37th best country for health care. I forgot how easy it was to get birth control. I forgot about the healthcare programs which provide birth control for low income families, which is odd considering how I”m constantly reading about attempts to get these programs defunded or rendered toothless with medieval regulations.

This may be hard to believe, but not all women have the same access to contraception as Kay Bradley. I know, people for some reason live differently than Kay Bradley and expect to be taken seriously.

Ok I am trying to write a coherent response to an incoherent letter but all I end up doing is banging on a keyboard and snapping at my loved ones. This letter can be popped with one simple fact.

It requires the insurance company, the one you pay into, to cover it. Not your religious employer. Not the hard-working taxpayer who loves complaining about birth control just as much as they love complaining about people who aren’t like them having too many kids.


And further, I’d like to point out that if this violates your employer’s religious liberties, so does everything you do with the wages you earn that s/he doesn’t approve of. Because your insurance is compensation for the work you do.


And with that fact, Kay’s letter pops and collapses in a flaccid, wrinkled heap of rubber and nonsense.


Although it should, goddammit.


Fun with Roy Blunt’s Twitter Feed (or: I Need to Get a Life)

My Twitter feed is abuzz with warm wishes for International Women’s Day, with one notable exception. Coincidence! He’s the only career misogynist I follow for trolling purposes! Unfortunately someone beat me to the trollery.

I imagine lumps women in with livestock. Why have two holidays when you can consolidate?


White Guy Jokes

This is a crosspost from my Tumblr blog. Because 5 billion social platforms is never fucking enough. Feel free to add your own white guy jokes.

  • Q: What’s the difference between a normal white guy and white trash?
  • A: Who cares, they all fucking look alike.
  • Q: What do you call it when a white guy gets a tax hike?
  • A: The Holocaust.
  • Q: Did you hear about the white guy who shot up a gym and killed a bunch of women?
  • A: No one would date a nice guy like him.
  • Q: What do you call a white guy who never ventures outside his worldview, parrots stuff you hear every day, and shits the bed when someone challenges the status quo?
  • A: “Edgy”.
  • Q: What’s the difference between Mary Shelley and a MGTOW?
  • A: Mary Shelley mattered.
  • Q: What do you call it when a white guy loses a video game?
  • A: “Rape”.
  • Q: How do you take a white guy’s freedom of speech away?
  • A: Disagree with him.
  • Q: What do you call it when there’s six white guys, a black guy, a Latina and a white woman in a room?
  • A: Political correctness gone wild.
  • Q: What if it’s eight white guys and just a black guy?
  • A: Tokenism gone wild.
  • What’s the difference between Michelle Obama and a white supremacist guy?
  • Michelle Obama actually does something with her life.
  • What do you call a white guy computer programmer with a cubicle job?
  • A captain of industry.
If you are offended by these, keep in mind that it’s all just joking, you humorless misogynazis.*
*This entire post is sarcastic, btw. Inspired by this comment thread at Pandagon.

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