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Remember: Republicans Hate You

I don’t read the physical paper as much as I used to. However, yesterday I picked one up off of a booth after someone else read it (after all, I am entitled to free papers, just as everything else, yes?) and what grabbed me wasn’t anything local. It was the cartoon they ran.


Image c/o The Boston Herald

I was like “Cool! They’re running Kelly’s stuff from the Onion!”

image c/o the Onion

But then I noticed the lack of a crying Statue of Liberty, and also that is was drawn by Jerry Holbert, who actually thinks this way.

Remember! If you’re insulted when Romney insults you, that means you’re a victim-victimy-victimpants! So vote for him! Also people on disability are weak whiners who should be mocked.

Ah, first Akin, then Romney…this is exquisite. Exquisite. This must be how Romney feels when he fires large swaths of people.


Kaje Komics: Don’t Tell Him About Jesusween

Happy Halloween, everybody.

Happy Halloween, everybody

I’ve been reading too many Hark, A Vagrant comics. I had to force myself to use punctuation.


The Scar

Hey! Are you ready to hear a riveting tale about our trip to the creation museum?

Well, tough. I’m making it into a Powerpoint, and it’s not ready for primetime yet. I made a completely apolitical comic instead! It’s below the jump and I hope you dig it!

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Two Things I Was Involved With Instead of This Blog

Wow. Between work and the tits-out Republican berserker assault on everything good, I have been totally burned out on all blogular activities. My last post was pretty much a rerun, for cripes!


1. I’ve been helping my friend Whitney move to the lost city of Atlanta. Go read his blog and send good vibes! Not cheap vibes that break after so many uses! We want top shelf stuff!

2. I have been designing shirts for, Dave Futrelle’s hilarious misogyny-mocking blog. They’ve gone live today and you should totally buy one, since all proceeds go to charity. Also, did I mention I got to collaborate with Shaenon K. freaking Garrity, creator of the classic webcomic Narbonic? I’ve done nothing to deserve such awesomeness!

(After you’re done shopping there, I also have a Zazzle, and a Spreadshirt store. They are both NSFW, especially the latter one)

3. I have been playing old adventure games on my iPhone, unfortunately I cannot link to any of my achievements (both technically and out of a sense of dignity) so you’ll have to take my word for it. Hey PC-to-iPhone app porters! How about one of you get the rights for Shivers and port that shit! And will Microids ever stop dragging its ass on a Syberia port?


Yet Another Lame-O Comic

My comic class final below the jump. Rated NSFW for tiresome anti-theistic sentiment, language, nudity, and dirty linework.

Guaranteed not to be as bad as the Holocaust.

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Thumbs Up

This story has sucked the joy out of me.

Steve Benson cartoon-- Giffords gives a thumbs up

c/o Steve Benson.

But now I’ve gottenĀ  some of it back.

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Kaje’s Kwik Krappy Khristmas Komic

Merry Giftmas, everyone! Your gift is below the jump.

(comic NSFW for festively harsh language and surly demeanor)

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Some More Pics–Now With Words and Stuff!

This comic lay unfinished in my basement for two years. I thought it was somewhat topical, so I dug it out and did a rush ink job. It’s super sloppy and still has pencil marks and doesn’t have much of a punchline and may be interpreted as a threat, but eh.

THIS COMIC HAS NAUGHTY WORDS. ENJOY! (it’s below the jump)

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Will You Shut Up About Cathy Already?!?

You’ve heard that Cathy is finally being put out her misery. You’ve already commented on whatever blog you first read the news on about how much Cathy sucked. By this point you’ve probably encountered some weirdo going on about how Cathy is a feminist triumph or something. You probably thought they were talking out of their hinder, and as a card carrying feminazi I can assure you that no, you aren’t at fault for thinking so.

The only way Cathy could be described as feminist is if you define feminist as “a woman who works.” You’ve come a long way, baby, good for you. Otherwise you are an insufferable, neurotic, materialistic mopstring of a person. All this would be forgivable if you were funny or well drawn. Which you aren’t.

“But-but-but WAIT,” you say, “Cathy was groundbreaking! It was the first newspaper comic written by a woman and it was all about a modern woman doing modern woman things!”

Now you’re the one talking out of your hinder! Congrats! You’re so wrong you don’t even know! Cathy wasn’t the first strip by a woman. It’s not even close. Women have been cartooning, and getting published in the funnies, since the medium first began.

Full disclaimer: this post is really just a plug for a book I like. Go buy the Great Women Cartoonists by Trina Robbins. Or borrow it from your super cool feminist comic geek friend. I’m on loan if you don’t have one.

Some pre-Cathy women cartoonists covered in this book:

Rose O’ Neill- A lot of people have heard the word “kewpies” but don’t know exactly what they are, other than how cute they’re supposed to be. They’re basically pre-Precious Moments era Precious Moments-esque dolls. That were first created in comic form by Ladies Home Journal cartoonist, Rose O’ Neill, in the first decade of the 20th century.

Also, she lived in the Ozarks! Local interest bonus!

Nell Brinkley- In the 1920’s this chick was the Queen of Comics. She drew women that were dubbed the Brinkley Girls, and started a fashion craze. Check out those crazy curls!

Ethel Hays- She did another flapper comic, Flapper Fanny. A comic about a woman? By a woman? CRAZY!

Martha Orr- You ever read that unintentionally hilarious soap opera comic, Mary Worth? When it first came to life in the Great Depression it was called Apple Mary, and it was created by this woman. It also wasn’t that bad, certainly not the train wreck it is today.

Edwina Dumm- This unfortunately named woman was one of America’s first political cartoonists. She also did normal comics too, several of which were about the same longhaired terrier with different names.

Dale Messick- Created Brenda Starr, which chronicles the adventures of a woman reporter and still runs circles around Cathy today. Her real name was Dalia, but she adopted the pseudonym Dale to get past sexist editors, and became the first female syndicated comic strip artist.

Tarpe Mills- All I know is, her Miss Fury was the first female created superhero, and the sample of her work in the book is the coolest thing ever. Look at this stuff.

…yeah that’s a horrible scan, but still! Look at those eyebrows in the fourth panel! LOOK!

Jackie Ormes- She was the first female African American cartoonist to appear in the funnies. She created Torchy Brown, which was also the first comic to star a black woman. Hey, if you borrow Robbins’ book from me, you can pay me back by buying this book, and letting me borrow it.

With all this raw talent, you should now have a knee-jerk reaction whenever someone calls Cathy Guiswite the first female cartoonist. I summon you to go back to that blog post you came from, and set the record straight.


I Guess I Got Off Easy

You all recall Everybody Draw Mohammad Day, correct? Recall how I was asked by the Globe to take down my silly Rubber Hose Mohammad cartoon? Recall how Kajed Heat was removed from the Globe’s blogroll page, and has yet to be restored?

All in all, I got off easy. At least no one put me on a hit list. The same can’t be said for Molly Norris, who started the meme:

Yemeni-American cleric Anwar al-Awlaki – the radical who has also been cited as inspiring the Fort Hood, Tex., massacre and the plot by two New Jersey men to kill U.S. soldiers – singled out artist Molly Norris as a “prime target,” saying her “proper abode is hellfire.”

The New York Daily News article also mentions Inspire, the badly translated “Al Qaeda’s Tiger Beat.” Seriously, that sounds freaking hilarious. It conjures a mental picture of teenage girls ogling swarthy doe-eyed hotties with full beards and government approved haircuts. I want a copy of this magazine so bad, just for the lulz.

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