Five Pop Culture Musings

* Played some of the Resident Evil: Outbreak games. You know, Raccoon City was a pretty happening place to live. It had a zoo, a university, an elite paramilitary unit; it even had a flipping subway. Not bad for a “sleepy Midwestern town.” I wouldn’t even call Joplin “sleepy,” and the only Subway around here is the one you get sandwiches from. On second thought, maybe “sleepy” refers to the loading times…

* You know what would be awesome? A panel for panel reissue of Watchmen– only in a manga style. I’d buy it if only for the look of contempt on the clerk’s face.

* Ever notice this in movies? When someone is calling out to their dad, and that someone doesn’t yell “DAD” but “FATHER”? Lion King’s a good example of this. Who does that? No one does that. You only refer to your father as “father” when you’re being formal or if you’re Inigo Montoya, not in the heat of the moment.

* Why doesn’t Hollywood, instead of remaking good movies into crappy ones, just remake movies that had potential but were executed badly? I could see a clique of elite directors making it into a contest. Tarantino would be involved of course. Life is so predictable.

* Do you ever engage in a cacophony of pop culture references and think “Hey, just how much of our personal interaction is governed by media conglomerates anyway? Is swapping knowledge about cultural touchstones like movie quotes somehow dehumanizing?” Of course, then you start thinking “This is like Fight Club, or a Family Guy episode,” and the process begins anew.


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