It Starts with an “M” and Rhymes with “Isogyny”

We had another “oh woe when will the violence end?” article in the Globe yesterday, courtesy of Mankato’s The Free Press. Hadn’t seen one of those in a while, and usually not about rapes. Like most “oh woe when will the violence end” articles, this one was devoid of any serious investigation or facts. We just got one paragraph of “experts say…”; the definition of “experts” being expanded to include “any random yahoo on the street with an axe to grind.”

“Why does this happen? Experts blame popular music and violent video games, an absence of religious faith, a world where young people are ruled by technology and blur the lines of what’s real and what isn’t.”

When the piece finally does scratch up a diamond, it kicks it aside to continue its frenzied efforts. “Hurry! We must scratch up as much as we can before anyone notices we’re not really digging for anything!”

“A television report in the aftermath of the homecoming dance rape continues to haunt. In it, a teenage girl from the school tells a reporter that girls her age are considered nothing more than “meat” by many of the boys. They are not persons, she said in an emotionless, matter-of-fact statement.”

There. That’s probably one of the keys you’re looking for.

You could have a son who listens to death metal, plays Resident Evil games, and is an unrepentant atheist. But if you teach him that women are people, that they aren’t your property, that any sex the woman can’t consent to is rape, and hold him to non-sexist standards, guess what? Bystander effect notwithstanding, his chances of being involved in a vicious gang rape are probably going to plummet.

Remember George Sodini? He was the guy who shot up a women’s fitness center back in August. He did this because he thought he was entitled to women, and was filled with rage when they weren’t willing to ignore the fact that he was a psycho.

This isn’t a coincidence. Ask an actual expert (like this one on school shooters) and they’ll tell you that anxious masculinity (that’s the insecure kind that obsesses over guns and puts TruckNutz on their Dodge Rams) and misogyny are key components of all gang rapists, and most rampage and serial killers.

So women are being raped, shot at, and otherwise viciously murdered and abused by certain entitled dudes. Is any of it sinking in to the public at large? Let’s look at the Globe comments!

Little Bo Peep writes:
Johnny needs a “time out.” Read Dr. Spock. Follow the “liberal’s” ideas of child rearing. Send moms to “careers” in the work force and have someone else raise their kids. Moms need to “experience their full potential.” That is why kids are the way they are today and it ain’t gonna change; it’s gonna get worse.

This person could go to church every Sunday* and never play video games. But he or she’s got that key component—misogyny—that makes gang rapists and rampage killers.

I have a feeling Scary Evil Feminist Career Mom’s kids are less likely to be one.

*I’d argue that unthinking investment in a patriarchal religion/culture actually makes you more likely than a freethinker to be a viscous gang rapist, but whatevs.

1 Response to “It Starts with an “M” and Rhymes with “Isogyny””

  1. 1 FW
    November 17, 2009 at 7:58 am

    “unthinking investment in a patriarchal religion/culture actually makes you more likely than a freethinker to be a viscous gang rapist”


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