I Can Do Irrelevant Anecdotal Evidence, Too!

When it comes to global warming denialists, probably the most common and aggravatingly stupid argument goes like this: “Global warming is false because it’s currently cold outside, somewhere. Hyuck Hyuck.” The argument is similar to the creationist’s “if we evolved from monkeys, then why are there still monkeys” question in its ability to mark its originator as someone who doesn’t know anything about anything relating to the topic at hand. Someone whipped this out at our Christmas Eve party, as we watched news coverage on the blizzard (still love you, man, but that’s no excuse!).

Now, any halfway literate goofball can fire up Google and instantly see how utterly irrelevant this argument is; however, I prefer to beat the layman at his own game. I can whip out observations about local weather to fit my worldview, too! You know what the weather was like the day before Christmas Eve?

It was warm enough to bring the snakes out.

black snake in December

It's Snakey, the Christmas Snake!

I found this big fella poking out of some abandoned farm equipment when I was out walking my dog. It’s December the freakin’ 23 and there’s black snakes mucking about thinking it’s spring because the poor dopes detected temperatures above 60 degrees. Global warming denialism is false because it’s currently warm outside, somewhere. Hyuck Hyuck.

I guess at this point, me and the layman climate change denialist are at a draw. Well, except that I have actual, relevant evidence to fall back on when I’m done playing Real American Everyman That Trumps Snooty Book Learning with Homespun Common Sense.™


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