Oh Hey, I Have a Blog

(Aren’t you glad I refrained from typing “o hai?”)

So yeah, I have a blog. I better write blog posts, as that is what bloggers do when they aren’t eating cheetos. I just checked to see what the outside world was doing, and I heard about the shooter at the Pentagon;  so I think I’ll ramble about mass shooters and other lone nuts.

  • It’s difficult to ascertain what causes lone nuts, because that’s what they are, lone nuts. The only thing you can do is study several lone nuts and see if there’s a pattern, such as mental illness, insecurity, exposure to certain enviroments, hatred of certain people, groups or organizations, etc. The Southern Poverty Law Center recently released a report saying that extremist groups have grown by 244% in the last year. That helps answer it, especially with the Houston kamikaze pilot and the Holocaust Museum shooter,  but again you must realize that these folks are lone nuts and thus unpredictable. Amy Bishop wasn’t a KKK member or a member of an equivalent left-wing group, she was just an unstable woman with a history of violence, who was less into making a political statement and more into annihilating her tenure review board. The Pentagon shooter, while railing against the government, was also a 9/11 conspiracy nut, which is more a goofy leftist conspiracy than a rightist one. We’ll have to wait and see for 24 hour news to enlighten us.
  • Then you have the Fort Hood shooter and the underwear bomber, who were religious extremists. Incidentally, how does one classify Islamic extremists as left or right? In Islamic society that would be conservative extremism, but in America the right wing is typified by Christians, so non-Christian violence would be declared leftist violence. Whose definition do you use? If the Houston kamikaze guy crashed into the Burj Khalifa, would he be disparaged in Arabic media as a left-wing extremist?
  • Why is it that referring to infamous killers by their full names rings so well? John Wayne Gacy! John Patrick Bedell! Lee Harvey Oswald! James Earl Ray! Ominous!
  • Do you ever wonder if people in the 50’s were right and all this violence was actually caused by Elvis Presley’s pelvic movements? Maybe the lewd gyrations emitted waves of moral decay which reverberate to this day, causing such aberrations as nonwhite presidents and Lady Gaga videos, and eventually culminating in the eruption of the Yellowstone supervolcano and the shifting of the New Madrid faultline? WHY DIDN’T WE LISTEN?!?

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