I Apologize In Advance for the TV Tropes Link

C/o the Erstwhile Conservative, we hear that Glenn Beck is double-dog-daring Obama to find a gay, handicapped black woman for the Supreme Court.

Whenever hyperventilating conservatives stack up a hypothetical person’s non-privileged identities, the unspoken implication is that such a person being considered for a job in authority is the height of liberal idiocy. “Appointing a black lesbian to be a judge? How silly, Mr. President! That’s the exact opposite of a straight white guy! And oh, she’s handicapped too? How precious! You’re treating her like she’s a little person!”

Reading Duane’s footnote, I was struck by a similarity to something in my post on political correctness. I recalled some cable stop motion cartoon (which was apparently too unremarkable for me to remember the name of) that also cast a gay black handicapped woman as political correctness made flesh. Are two examples enough to infer a pattern? I smell a new entry on TVTropes– “Handicapped Black Lesbians Are PC Fever Dreams”. Whoever submits that entry gets a free lunch from me.

I wonder if any actual black lesbians with disabilities mind that they are rumored to dwell underneath the beds* of paranoid white men. They’re not white, nor male, nor sexually compliant, nor able bodied…they are what shouldn’t be! They are the Elder Gods of the Republican planet.

I’m pretty sure they do mind.

It also made me realize, hey! I have a really old comic book idea that incidentally starred a black lesbian with a handicap! I have to find my sketchbooks and scan that all in. Maybe actually finish and publish it. Get a little break the universal (yet, somehow “edgy”) stories of Joe Everyman.

*Too many senators and religious figures already called dibs on the  closet.

1 Response to “I Apologize In Advance for the TV Tropes Link”

  1. 1 Duane Graham
    April 14, 2010 at 7:17 am

    After reading your previous post, “how i found out i was politically correct,” you should be proud of your prescience:

    Why not have a show about a gay black woman in a wheelchair? I bet it’d be more watchable than all the interchangeable “white slob patriarch and his photogenic family” sitcoms.

    Certainly, it would be more watchable than a strange and paranoid and wealthy rodeo clown selling fear and loathing on cable television.

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