Arizona: the 50th State in Terms of Non-Suckiness

You know all the mewling from pro-Arizona folks? How they insist that they’re not racist, they are just cracking down on illegal immigration and it just so happens that all illegal immigrants are brown people?

It was BS when they passed that stupid law. It was BS when they started campaigning against teachers with Hispanic accents (because we gotta teach grammatically correct English with no distracting accents, ain’t that right y’all?), it was BS when they banned ethnic studies classes in schools.

And, to further cement the fact that their whole “we’re not racist” facade is pure runny pants-ruining BS, now we got this:

Arizona School Demands Black and Latino Faces in Mural Be Changed to White:

A group of artists has been asked to lighten the faces of children depicted in a giant public mural at a Prescott school. The project’s leader says he was ordered to lighten the skin tone after complaints about the children’s ethnicity ….

R.E. Wall, director of Prescott’s Downtown Mural Project, said he and other artists were subjected to slurs from motorists as they worked on the painting at one of the town’s most prominent intersections.

“We consistently, for two months, had people shouting racial slander from their cars,” Wall said. “We had children painting with us, and here come these yells of (epithet for Blacks) and (epithet for Hispanics).”

Every time an exceptionally racist act breaks the news, you always have apologists saying that this is just people being sensitive, it’s not REALLY racism. They imply that there is such a thing as racism, and gee whiz of course theyd be against real racism, but this isn’t it.

Here’s a little secret though; that’s a lie. They aren’t against racism. Because seriously, this painting snafu is some Jim Crow era stuff. It’s almost cartoonishly racist. You could take a photo of this and put it in the wikipedia entry for racism. Yet they still insist it’s not racist. Are they blind? Are they stupid?

Maybe. But most know exactly what it is they’re defending. They just know that racism is shameful enough that they have to avoid that word to be taken seriously. Try it. Ask one of them what they think would be a racist act. Chances are good their idea of racism is that “blacks can say the N-word, but I can’t!”

I had been torn as which state in the union was the absolute worst. I think you can rest easy now, Oklahoma.

(EDIT: I just noticed the rather grievious typo in the URL. AZ is so bad, it beat out nine non-existent states in terms of suckiness.)


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