A Game for the Bored Alcoholic Audiophile in You

Introducing the Songmeanings.net Drinking Game for your amusement!

You Will Need:

-Internet access

-An MP3 player with a shuffle setting.

– Drinks!

How to Play

Set your player to “shuffle”. Look up the song that comes up on songmeanings.net and read the comments. For the duration of the song, take a drink if:

Someone thinks the song is about drugs.

Someone thinks the song is about bisexuality.

Someone thinks it’s about the Bush administration. Take two drinks if the song predates the Bush era.

Someone doesn’t even bother to provide a theory as to the song’s meaning but just gushes about the artist or song.

Someone doesn’t even bother to provide a theory as to the song’s meaning but just flames the artist and the fans.

Someone thinks a lyric is about abortion, miscarriage, or stillbirth.

Someone manages to misinterpret straightforward lyrics.

Someone weaves a web of convoluted postmodern analysis when it obviously has nothing to do with the song. Take two if they invent allusions to Shakespeare, Dante or the Bible.

You spot a misspelling of the word “hypocrisy.”

You spot an obviously false urban legend touted as the truth. (Hotel California is not about Satanism, you dolts!)

Someone mentions how they play this song when they’re engaged in carnal naughtiness. Take two if you genuinely fear for the person’s future.

You find a mondegreen, either in the comments or the lyrics.

You find a commenter with a username referencing Nickelback, My Chemical Romance or Pink Floyd.

You find some old dork reminiscing about his/her past life (or that of a friend) as a roadie/groupie/disc jockey/dealer that knew the artist.

You find a conspiracy theorist rabbiting on about something that’s either only tangentially related to the song, or not at all. Take two if the guy is somebody other than a white power Neo-Nazi.

The thread evolves into a massive flame war over the artist or song at hand.

The thread is mostly comprised of comments correcting the schmuck that couldn’t type the right lyrics.


You now have liver disease! Enjoy!


3 Responses to “A Game for the Bored Alcoholic Audiophile in You”

  1. 1 calvin and Luther Will Kick Your Atheist Behind
    June 16, 2010 at 12:13 am

    Is this how you ended up in the ER?

  2. 3 Whitney B. Fair
    June 20, 2010 at 4:54 pm

    I must try this, though I think I would get really drunk really fast…love it!!! Plus, I’d laugh my ass off!!!

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