Donate to the American Crocodile Education Sanctuary

As both an avid reptile lover, zoo veteran, and anti-wooist, this story makes me so angrysad I want to punch people with my tears:

In the early morning hours of September 5th, a frenzied mob of Mayan-Belizean villagers set fire to the American Crocodile sanctuary that a Colorado,USA couple spent the last six years creating. “We’ve lost everything,” said Cherie Chenot-Rose, co-owner and founder of the American Crocodile Sanctuary for Education (ACES). The sanctuary was located in Punta Gorda, Belize.

The mob was apparently riled in to a frenzy by a Mayan “psychic” who claimed that two children, who have been missing for the last week, had been fed to the crocodiles at the sanctuary. It is alleged that the same group of villagers are responsible for burning other homes in the past several months in the Toledo District, the southern most portion of Belize.[…]

Reports are that the mob shot and killed some of the 17 crocs held in captivity at the sanctuary. Also destroyed were the Rose’s two story home that included a laboratory and nursery for baby crocs. One baby American Crocodile was to be flown to Chicago to the Wildlife Discovery Center in Lake Forest, Ill. USA for the first ever animal exchange program between Belize and the USA. Over $2,500 in vet supplies that were recently donated for a new humane society that Cherie, along with other locals were working on in Punta Gorda were also lost. “This one wrongful incident has effected and hurt many innocent people and animals,” added Cherie.

Add this to the “but it’s just harmless fun” file.

If you want to help the sanctuary, you can donate thusly:

International wiring account number for donations
Belize Bank # 630-1-1-10130
Account# Vince & Cherie Rose Fire Victim Account

Also, my friends at Reptile World Zoo are contributing to the effort as well. Go visit them, donate, check out the critters and have a tasty Safari Burger at their cafe.

Reptile World Zoo
1733 Kodiak Road, Joplin, Mo. 64804

If you ask nicely, maybe they’ll tell you the story about how I almost got myself strangled by a pine snake.


5 Responses to “Donate to the American Crocodile Education Sanctuary”

  1. 1 jason
    September 7, 2010 at 10:32 pm

    While I have sad thoughts for all involved in the event. The Rose’s are not as popular as they paint the picture of themselves. They are not liked in Punta Gorda as this event depicts.
    A lot of questions existed about both of them. Vince a claimed naturalist. He was a carpenter in Colorado.

    Before everyone jumps on this band wagon, think about what drove this event to happen and why they are the target?
    Then when you have those answers you may decide, look past the press and news articles.
    The crock farm was for sale. They had planned to leave Belize. You will find it listed search google.


  2. 4 The Investigation
    September 21, 2010 at 12:34 pm

    Perhaps all of you should look clearly at the facts and the issues.
    A fire on a Sunday a fund setup Monday to collect money.

    A couple claiming to be homeless after the fire…well they stayed the weekend at the other home they own in San Pedro…and have another property for sale in Punta Gorda for $100 US.

    Before donating to any non-profit or NGO non government organization check this web site http://www.irs.gov/charities/index.html?navmenu=menu1

    You will not find BEED or any other names used by these parties registered with the IRS.

    Keep Digging this is an interesting story.

    Vincent Robert Rose
    Source Name: Defendant/criminal ca contracosta Source Type: COUNTY
    State Code: CA Record Type: CRIMINAL
    Record Upload Date: 7/13/2010 Name: ROSE, VINCENT ROBERT
    Last Name: ROSE First Name: VINCENT
    Middle Name: ROBERT
    CASE NUMBER: 04-088578 – Confirm Case at the Courthouse
    Record ID: CACONTRACOSTA8110248 State Code: CA
    Case ID: CACONTRACOSTA81102481 Case Number: 04-088578
    Filed Date: 2/8/1994 Case Info: DISTRICT: ?; NUM DEF: 1

  3. 5 zoomom
    October 7, 2010 at 8:00 am

    Johnny Kale – You don’t have to post this if you don’t want to. The person who made the first 2 posts (“The Investigation” and “Jason”) are the same person. He is posting the same false accusations at other sites. His real name is Jim Jensen and he is a wanted criminal in Belize. He is a con man/swindler who jumped bail after being in Hattieville Prison in Belize. He swindled Aces out of $20,000 in a business deal a year or so ago.

    His motivation in posting these false comments is to take Vince & Cherie down through the court of Public Opinion. I am sooooo glad when I read your responses!!!!

    You or your readers can google “Jim Jensen Fugitive Belize” or on Facebook “Catch Jim Jensen”. There are more details of the case there.

    Also, the supposed “court record” in his second post is made up numbers. He is hoping to smear Vince’s reputation. His tiny way of getting back at Aces, so to speak.

    “The San Pedro Police Department have issued an arrest warrant for Canadian National James “Mr. Jim” Jensen. He is wanted for theft and obtaining property by deception. He has jumped bail and is believed to be hiding in Guatemala.”

    I believe there is a $10,000 reward for his capture.

    Mary Ellen

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