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The WBC Every Day

I was reading this awesome article on Alternet and was reminded of the outrage aimed at Westboro Baptist.

WBC being a bunch of wasted flesh is quite possibly the only issue that Americans can agree on. Everybody and their dittohead dad hates them. What sort of monster protests in front of the grieving to make a point about their particular godmonkey’s will?

Ahem. See me pointing to that link above? You should seriously click it.

The people in that article lost a child, too. Godbotherers wanted to make a stupid non-point about their stupid imaginary friend. The father proceeded to rip the classless shits a new one.

Abortion clinic protesters are exactly like Fred Phelps. Nope, it’s not hyperbole. They are ideological vultures that prey on the grieving to make stupid points about how much some people (be it women, gays or soldiers) are nothing compared to the whims of their stupid imaginary friends.


Westboro Baptist’s Creepy Halloween Spooktacular!

Apparently Lamar is becoming a hotspot for grandstanding godbags. Earlier this year we had Dr. Sharp’s Big Silly Jesus Circus come to town, and that was bad enough. But say what you will, to my knowledge Dr. Sharp doesn’t protest the funerals of soldiers. Not like those sacs of gonorrhea pus known to human beings as Westboro Baptist Church.
They’re showing up this Saturday to protest the funeral of Pfc. Dylan T. Reid.

Happy Halloween everybody, and remember, God hates fags–so hate him back!

If you want to help the Patriot Guard stand against these dopes, show up at 11:30 in the parking lot across from Daniel Funeral Home.

Read more on the Patriot Guard messageboard.


Stupid Ferschluggina Principles

Most of the merchandise I design (which you can purchase here, by the by) have their genesis in pure rage. It’s probably not good for my mental health, but eh. I try to censor myself, at least. Whichever ones don’t pass the civilized human being test after a brief cool-off period, I chuck.

For example, after a day of being confronted with the reality of Peak Everything, I made a bumper sticker urging folks to spay or neuter their teenagers. But it was a pinch too eugenic for my comfort, so out it went.

Shows how much I know.

Maybe I should listen to Anson and start chucking my principles out instead. I’ll start by posting pictures of brick-worthy bumper stickers without bothering to censor the license plate.


Somebody Call Lynne Truss’s Secret Police

Question: What’s worse than a sign that uses quotation marks improperly?

Answer: A sign that uses quotation marks improperly, here:

On the plus side, I did get like a dozen books for only $4. Ace.

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