Dear High Schools, Courts, Entire Freaking World…

Dear Whomever It May Concern,

Why you gotta take such a massive dump on sexually assaulted and harassed high school girls?

Yes, I realize you’re in the business to put all silly bitches the world over in their place, regardless of age or grade level. Still, allow me to focus on high school girls for this post.

After I reported the two boys who sexually harassed me to the point I couldn’t attend class, I thought the school was being incredibly tactless to force me to walk with one of them on my graduation day. I figured most people would think that messing up alphabetical order was slightly less important than humiliating and terrifying a student, on what should have been one of the happiest days of her life, by making her interact with this remorseless assclown.

Now, however, I realize that such things are par for the course, and I got off easy. There’s a lot of things more important than the comfort of rape victims.

Like team sports!

The court dismissed a free-speech suit by a Texas teenager who was kicked off the cheerleading squad for sitting silently, with her arms folded, while her assailant shot free throws in a playoff game.

The former cheerleader and her family are appealing the ruling by the Fifth U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in New Orleans, which includes an order to pay the school district’s legal fees on the grounds their suit was far-fetched and frivolous.[…]

Her father came out of the stands – where the fans, he said, were mocking the girl – to join his crying daughter. After a shouting confrontation with the school administrators, he, his wife and their daughter left the game.

In the following weeks, H.S. said, “it was my family against the community” of Silsbee, a town of 6,300 where “football is everything. … They were the star athletes and I was standing up to them.”

She said youths shouted “slut” at her as she drove to school with her younger sister, who soon transferred to another school.

[…]The appeals court reached the same result by a different route. Even if H.S. was symbolically speaking through her silence, the court said, she had no right to do so.

“In her capacity as cheerleader, H.S. served as a mouthpiece through which (the district) could disseminate speech – namely, support for its athletic teams,” the three-judge panel said in a Sept. 16 ruling.

But again, it could have been worse. Neither I nor H.S. were bullied by classmates until we killed ourselves after we told, like what happened to Samantha Kelly.

A 14-year-old girl who was taunted by classmates after she accused an older student of rape has committed suicide, Detroit media reported.

Samantha Kelly, a freshman at Huron High School, hanged herself Monday in her family’s mobile home in Huron Township, Mich., according to reports in the Detroit News and Detroit Free Press.

Other students had harassed her and called her a liar after they learned that she was the accuser in the case against Joseph Tarnopolski, 18, a senior at the school.

And these stories were just in the past two days! This is disregarding all the young women in the past this has happened to.

I want to know why, whomever it may concern.


1 Response to “Dear High Schools, Courts, Entire Freaking World…”

  1. 1 Calvinist of the Ozarks
    November 12, 2010 at 11:27 pm

    I don’t think that it is only girls this happens to.

    I do think that in the US we have a “kids will be kids” attitude along with the idea human autonomy is something to be respected and admired. Both are wrong.

    I’m really glad to see your post. Schools and parents always want these things to “quietly go away”. Parents of the bullies don’t want their children “gossiped about” in a negative way and it has been my experience that most parents refuse to talk about any of these things period. And I don’t know why. Maybe they think that if they pretend that none of this is inflicting any “real harm” on anyone then everyone including the victim will just go on with their life and forget any of it ever happened.

    But deep scars don’t allow a person to forget. People are able to forgive after a time but the scars are permanent.

    But your post is a good thing that you, KAGE, can do that will help others because you have been there.

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