Joplin Globe Madness: Loving Your Company

It sucks to be completely disillusioned with politics, don’t it? Especially when one of your hobbies is a somewhat political blog. It’s like dutifully following a loser football team, until one year the stars align and they have everything-EVERYTHING!- in the bag. Great new players, new coaches, a dope smitty new stadium with a roof that doesn’t collapse under the slightest snowfall, and they totally cream every team they encounter. Then they make it to the Super Bowl, against the team you hate the very most…and they take a blatant and humiliating dive. To a team that’s comprised of Tim Tebows. And you wonder what good is it rooting for anyone else other than that team, the Wasilla Fightin’ Whities.

But at least the other team’s fans, like Dianne Slater, are suffering with me.

It’s hard to believe that after such a strong message from the voters back in November, that Congress continues to act as though it’s business as usual.

What message was that? What message do I send when my doctor hammers my knee? The message is that I have basic neurological reflexes that react without any thought put into it. Much like the average voter.

So you threw a hissy fit over a do-nothing Congress, voted against your own interests, unwittingly hired a bunch of obstructionist clowns and made everything worse.

Cry me a river, you big dope.


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