They Ain’t Kidding When They Say They’re For “Traditional Family Values”

166 anti-choice House members blocked an anti-child marriage bill, because apparently the children involved weren’t in utero, so who cares?

In the hours before the vote, Republicans circulated a memo to pro-life members of Congress alleging that the bill could fund abortions and use child marriage “to overturn pro-life laws.” It also reiterated concerns over the bill’s cost. When it came time for a vote, a number of the bill’s pro-life supporters in both parties abandoned ship. Even co-sponsors of the corresponding House bill (H.R. 2103), like Marcy Kaptur (D-Ohio) and Lee Terry (R-Neb.), voted against it.

Never mind that the bill  doesn’t even mention abortion or any other sort of family planning, but whatevs.

Just your daily reminder that the pro-lifers actively hate women and girls, and always, always lie.

EDIT: Some of the people who dig raping little girls include our very own  Jo Ann Emerson, Sam Graves, Blaine Luetkemeyer, Todd Akin, and of course Roy Blunt. You might want to send them a letter or something, to express your support for raping little girls.

Fun fact: back in college I (badly) wrote a Onion-type article detailing Roy Blunt’s plan to make a rape squad out of pardoned ex-felons to encourage a pro-life, pro-marriage culture among Missouri’s single women. I then taped it to the wall in several locations around campus. It caused a wee bit of controversy in the form of pencil graffiti debates. I miss school, but more importantly I miss a life when I was unaware of this wretched little man.



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