Joplin Globe Madness: Happy Nineteenthmas

First off, here’s some conditional holiday cheer from the ever-loving Rita Crowell. No abortfemilibs need apply!

I heard you wanted clueless white privilege for Nineteenthmas! I hope Dave Spiering by way of Don Landrith will work.

Some background: Joplin DA Tom Mann was asked to resign after several incidences of making tasteless remarks, which we know nothing about except that the last one was supposedly racial in nature. Landrith doesn’t think that a guy who hates people for arbitrary reasons should be barred from a job where you have the fate of people’s lives in your hands.

Most of the letter is copypasta from Spiering; it’s basically “why can’t we say the N-word” writ large. Apparently holding people accountable for racist remarks is prejudiced against white people. Oh, you poor, poor white guys! So persecuted! Somebody pray to Saint Imus.

The few original bits include this:

The era of political correctness is rampant and because of an importunate individual who insisted to get his case heard before other people ahead of him, Tom, by his own admission, made a vitriolic remark that was uncalled for. His apology to the court personnel that were present should have been sufficient, and his dismissal seems uncalled for.

There are dark-skinned Americans, red-skinned Americans, yellow-skinned Americans and white Americans.

The common thread is we are all Americans.

Indeed! We are all Americans! And if you fail to uphold that ideal by treating some Americans like crap based on skin color, like Mr. Mann did, you’re probably not going to make a good public defender! Or a good anything.

Ditto those who defend such. I’m glad Mr. Landrith is a former city councilman.



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