Four Fonts I’m Getting Sick Of

Everyone knows that Comics Sans and Papyrus are overused crap fonts right? Right. I think so too, but there’s some other fonts I’d like to see added to the list.

The Indiana Jones FontAdventure

AKA: SF Comic Script, SF Fedora, the Indiana Jones Font.

There is only one place I should see this font, and that’s on an Indy poster (or a lighthearted T-shirt referencing the franchise, which by the way makes a great gift!). But people tamper with nature beyond what God decrees, and so we get this font freakin’ everywhere.

INSTEAD TRY: Go to Blambot.com and find something unique. Or use the Jurassic Park font—it has the same adventure movie connotations, but isn’t as obnoxious.

Bleeding CowboysBleeding Cowboys

As you can guess by now, the worst thing you can do for a font is overuse it. Case example: Bleeding Cowboys. Or as I like to call it, the Bar Band and Biker Font. If you go to a bar, see a band, or go to a biker shop, you will see this at least once on either a poster or a t-shirt.

This thing became an overnight phenomenon, because it pleases so many. It’s country-western! It’s grunge! It has swirly swooshy bits! It’s free! It has it all! And thus, it became a victim of its own success.

INSTEAD TRY: Beyond Wonderland, any grunge font on DaFont.com. If you have some cash to throw around, go to Letterhead Fonts, and buy Boston Truckstyle.


This font makes me think of Art Nouvaeu: Swirly vines, crisp lines, ladies in gossamer dresses.

But, for some reason (I imagine because it’s named after a badass mythological monster), it ends up being used for death metal bands, vampire novels and other “spooooky” uses.

Medusa font does NOT work that way!

INSTEAD TRY: Something NOT art nouveau. Unless your project actually is art nouveau. In which case go nuts.


I’m reluctant to put this up, because this font’s a guilty pleasure for me. However, there’s no denying that’s it’s pretty damn overused. It suffers from the same problems Bleeding Cowboys and Medusa do.

INSTEAD TRY: Look around Dafont or Scriptorium for something similar. If I can ever make it not look like ass, my font Xiphactinus will make a good subsititute.

Stay tuned for a list of free fonts that I think are under appreciated. Also, please critique my fonts Anning and Xiphactinus, so I can make them not-crap fonts!


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