We’re in the Big Leagues Now

Yay! My first guest column was published this Saturday! Here’s some of the funnier comments:

Pat Riot wrote:Karley does notr know a thing that he is
talking about. America is a Christian Nation because the first
Americans who saved this great land from the heathen Indians were
God fearing patriots who loved their country and wanted it to
remain exactly the same for their families and descendants. He
thinks that evil unbelievers could create the Divine Guide that is
our Constitution when he knows that Gods hand was guiding us every
step of the way. America must repent and return to the beliefs that
made it great before we are conqurred by radical Islam or North
Korea. If our Christian Founders were here today, we wouldn’t be
wasting time on universal health care or getting rid of atom bombs
or giving little tax cuts to people who do’nt even make businesses
for us.

I heard a little birdy tell me that this one was a Poe. But, it’s hard to tell, because the Poe is a Poe.

Av-I-Tar wrote:Sorry
Karly, you need to rethink your debating skills. Reference to God
is made in the Constitution. The Constitution We the People of the
United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union,, secure the
BLESSINGS of Liberty. [he continues with Bible quotes and
snippets from the Declaration of Independence. Because those are
totally relevant to the argument.]

The fact that they use the word “blessings” means they were totes Southern Baptists. In other news, today is Tuesday. That means I worship Týr. Dave, who wrote the letter I was responding to, said the same thing except he also threw in the name of a city. I’m convinced.

wrote:Karley, I take back being mad at you over your comments re:
my sister’s letter to the editor. Will you kindly marry my stepson,
and become my daughter-in-law?

I dunno, you may not want your son to marry…

Just another form of bigot wrote:I take back anything I
said in support of this anti-Semite. Show us your tattoos obese
mama!! You want to slam anyone and anything who does not cotton to
your personal form of bigotry, but you are a bigot nonetheless, are
you not? Get real, and then, try to get a job. P.S. A lot of Jewish
people would like to be buried with their families and members of
their faith, I don’t necessarily think that includes Bass Pro Shops
and taxidermy. If you want to slam hunters and fisherman, why be so
subliminal about it? Does not appear to us you have driven by too
many Big Mac stands without stopping!! Absolutely incredible and
ridiculous. Of course now, your credibility is gone. Good luck with
that, big girl!!

This was my favorite, because it made me do this.

S/he’s referring to this post on tattoos, only filtered through Nonsense-O-Scope.
Apparently pointing out that not everyone cares if they can be buried in a Jewish cemetery or not is anti-Semitic. Five bucks says this person is not actually Jewish.

As for ragging on Bass Pro? Dude. I wasn’t joking when I said I wanted to be mounted there. After being harvested for donatable organs of course. As for being a jobless fat tattoo freak…how dare you! Good sir/madam, I’m afraid I don’t have any tattoos!

hey kaje…. wrote:How in the world can you justify in
your mind being so self-important that you think anyone wants to
spend time out of their short life finding out minutia about you?
…. Bizarro, but fits the leftist profile.

We are all commenting on Joplin Globe articles. No one cares about ANYTHING we do. Except for maybe the FBI, after the eventual shootup of a Unitarian Sunday school by Av-I-Tar or one of the other regs.

This person, by the way, is so not self-important that they don’t bother sticking with a name to call them out on. How humble. Or cowardly. I forget.

Thanks to all the non-rabid commenters for brightening up the joint!


2 Responses to “We’re in the Big Leagues Now”

  1. 1 Rev Al
    January 5, 2011 at 6:26 pm

    Pay no mind to the idiots that replied to your letter, they matter not. But I am glad their lunacy has been preserved for posterity, or not I forget… LOL

    • January 5, 2011 at 7:45 pm

      I accepted that Globe commenters (me included) are nasty rabid protoprimates long ago.

      You don’t go there to debate, you go there to lash out at your fellow man.

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