Two Things I Was Involved With Instead of This Blog

Wow. Between work and the tits-out Republican berserker assault on everything good, I have been totally burned out on all blogular activities. My last post was pretty much a rerun, for cripes!


1. I’ve been helping my friend Whitney move to the lost city of Atlanta. Go read his blog and send good vibes! Not cheap vibes that break after so many uses! We want top shelf stuff!

2. I have been designing shirts for manboobz.com, Dave Futrelle’s hilarious misogyny-mocking blog. They’ve gone live today and you should totally buy one, since all proceeds go to charity. Also, did I mention I got to collaborate with Shaenon K. freaking Garrity, creator of the classic webcomic Narbonic? I’ve done nothing to deserve such awesomeness!

(After you’re done shopping there, I also have a Zazzle, and a Spreadshirt store. They are both NSFW, especially the latter one)

3. I have been playing old adventure games on my iPhone, unfortunately I cannot link to any of my achievements (both technically and out of a sense of dignity) so you’ll have to take my word for it. Hey PC-to-iPhone app porters! How about one of you get the rights for Shivers and port that shit! And will Microids ever stop dragging its ass on a Syberia port?


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