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The Scar

Hey! Are you ready to hear a riveting tale about our trip to the creation museum?

Well, tough. I’m making it into a Powerpoint, and it’s not ready for primetime yet. I made a completely apolitical comic instead! It’s below the jump and I hope you dig it!

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Mary Cook Makes Me Think About Sex; Distracts Me

I know I said that I would do a review of the Creation Museum of the Ozarks. Well, fuck that. There’s a stupid letter that needs my attention.

Somebody agreed with Kathryn Jean Lopez on something, and that’s terrible. I don’t know which K-Lo article is being referred to, but they are all the same slut-shaming pro-rape  nonsense (from an unmarried and childless woman, natch) so it doesn’t matter.

I graduated in 1965, and no teen girl would have ever thought of wearing the revealing clothing that is allowed in schools today.

I bet they never would have thought of listening to Justin Bieber either. What’s your point?

These young girls do get the results they seem to be seeking — the attention of the male students — and it is definitely not in a positive way.

Actually, from my limited experience with young girl’s fashion (seeing as how I once was a young girl, albeit a very anti-fashion one), the result they want is the attention (and acceptance) of FEMALE students. At least the popular ones. Minor digression.

Wait, no, that’s not a minor digression. Why is it always assumed that we always do things for the benefit of guys? Even little kids, uncorrupted by feminazi brainwashing, have lives of their own. Maybe it’s for boys, maybe it’s for their own benefit, maybe it’s to show that snotty Suzie Heinman in Mr. Wright’s class who is what.

Continue, sillybuns:

When my husband and I saw the Tide commercial for the first time, we just looked at each other in disbelief. Selling the product was overshadowed by dad saying “no” to the short skirt to make the daughter aware that this attire was unacceptable.

But mom comes to the daughter’s rescue and essentially says, “What dad thinks doesn’t matter.” The daughter walks off with a smile on her face, and dad becomes the bad guy.

I haven’t seen the commercial in question, but I agree! How messed up is it to make one parent the bad guy?…

I also see mothers who show no self-respect for themselves by the revealing clothes they wear. They are not good role models for their impressionable daughters.


My bad. I forgot it’s OK to make one parent the bad guy if it’s a woman. Be she schoolgirl or mother, women assume all responsibilities for other people’s behavior.

We humans are what we eat and become what we allow ourselves to be surrounded by.

We conclude with an out-of-place cliche that can only be assumed to be a cunnilingus joke. Good night everybody!


A Teaser Post

Review of the Creation Museum of the Ozarks coming soon!


In other news: yeah, the last post was a total punk on my part.


Santa: The Trojan Horse in the War on Christmas

You know who else was red? STALIN.

Why am I blogging about Christmas in spring? One reason, because other news around here is too damn depressing (Man, Nevada, you suck). Two, I never get tired of blogging about conservative freakouts.

Christian conservatives warn America of a War on Christmas, under the impression that deemphasizing Santa and his reindeer is secular subterfuge. However, a new poll (c/o the Wisconsin Daily Mirror) suggests that giving Santa the boot may be a boon to curbing the rising atheist population.

The group asked atheists, agnostics, secular humanists and other non-believers to name a catalyst to their deconversion. The number one answer by about 48%? Finding out the truth about Santa Claus. OH SNAP:

When asked about their lack of belief, many atheists and agnostics point to a perceived lack of evidence, corruption in organized religion, or the seeming indifference of the universe. However, when asked to name a specific life event that led them down this path, nearly half pointed not to the man on the cross, but to the man on the rooftop.

According to a survey conducted by PEW Research, when asked what one event they could contribute to their atheism, a whopping 48% cited finding out the truth about Santa Claus as the catalyst.

It must be because atheists are so materialistic, right? Well, not really. Take it away Dr. Pazzo:

“It’s a true case of a slippery slope,” says PEW researcher Dr. April Pazzo. “Their parents raise them to have faith in a magical, kindly figure, a faith which is inevitably betrayed. When these same parents ask them to believe in a loving, miraculous figure, it’s more difficult to believe.”

It looks like the religious are already scrambling for excuses and solutions. The guy they quote in the article says that obviously, Santa has to go. Good luck with that (edit mine).

According to [Father Pabo Sah Woor], “People need to remember who we celebrate Christmas for. It’s not about gifts, reindeer and family. When you take Christ out of Christmas, you start taking Christ out of your life.”

One of those things is not like the other, Pops. Have fun telling people to quit using one of the best traditional aspects of the holiday.

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