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The Liberal Bias of Mainstream Christmas

Guest Blogger Susie Anklelength

Johnny Kaje is on vacation, so once again conservative blogger Susie Anklelength is stepping in. Ms. Anklelength is a single mother currently studying for her Bachelor’s in Maverick Arts, with a minor in Punching Katie Couric in the Face. This is her second column for Kajed Heat.

I get a lot of grief from my neighbors about the way I decorate my house for Christmas.

I usually ask my neighbors why they should tell me how to decorate; after all, liberals don’t even celebrate Christmas. This usually brings forth their childish “Nuh-uhs,” “We-do-sos” and “We-go-to-the-same-church-you-do-every-Sunday,-we-sit-right-next-to-you-and-we-even-give-you-a-ride-what-the-hell-is-your-problem.” They keep this up until their worldview buckles under the weight of my logic.

For you see, my fellow conservatives are concerned with a “War on Christmas” that was actually won by liberals ages ago. What has this once great nation been duped into swallowing in the name of the yuletide season? You’ll be shocked. What you have been calling Christmas, should really be called Leftmas.


I remember when my son Seabiscuit came home from school and asked why we don’t have a Christmas tree like everyone else. Indeed, we don’t have a Christmas tree in our house, or any other sort of fruity evergreen foliage. My dad always said that if it’s green and doesn’t have a president or a camo pattern on it, it’s probably for hippies.

Any liberal will tell you that these plants are actually pagan traditions, and they’re pretty smug about it too. All this flora in your household encourages tree-hugging at best, and being ravished by antlered forest gods at worst. It’s win-win for liberals, and lose-lose for you; unless, of course, you simply refuse to cooperate with the mainstream.

Instead of putting our presents under a tree, we put them in a manger. On our door we have this hilarious gunshop caricature of Janet Reno instead of a wreath.  In the doorway we hang purity rings instead of mistletoe, to remind people to be pure. (Especially Seabiscuit; I call him my Lil’ Abstinence Baby. I always take the time to remind him to be abstinent unless he wants to make the same mistake I did. I know it’s sinking in by how he shies from any human contact.) Finally, the Harry Potter craze may be over, but in my opinion the big hardcovers still make the best Yule Log substitutes.

Santa Claus: Socialism and Atheism

Not many people know how modern our perception of Santa Claus really is. He was created by FDR during his first 100 days in office, to ease children into accepting a communist way of life; first in the form of a jolly elf, moving on up to Big Brother. Did you think his red outfit was an accident? Before that, American children simply worked hard for their gifts. You worked overtime in the mill, and your boss would give you a Christmas bonus so you could buy whatever you want, like shoe polish to start your own business. With Santa Claus, however, kids no longer needed to participate in the economy; all they had to do was sit on their fannies and let Mommy and Daddy do the work.

Santa also functions as a gateway to atheism. You find out one omnipotent flying white guy is imaginary, pretty soon you’ll start finding out that all of them are. Ask your obnoxious atheist co-worker what got him down this track; as he downs his last drop of vodka, he’ll look at you with his hollow joyless eyes and mutter about the time he saw mommy kissing Santa Claus. “Was the Tooth Fairy really Mom? Were the disciples merely Daddy’s bowling buddies? Would he come home one day to find that Jesus was really Spike, his big sister’s scary boyfriend?” He will then collapse into tears and resume cutting his forearms.

What’s a mother to do? I simply tell Seabiscuit the truth. I tell him that Santa is really Satan in disguise, and he tries to tempt you down the path of ruin by keeping you idle and complacent with free gifts. I tell him that if he wants anything for Christmas, he needs to work for it. Clean the house, sweep the chimney, give Mommy a foot rub from time to time. After standing in line in the cold for hours to get me a copy of Going Rogue, someone’s going to be finding a brand new  Super Nintendo in the manger this year!

Everything else

Our nativity scene has Jesus and company in an inn, not in a barn like a homeless methhead. The disparagement of the innkeeper, thanks to the efforts of Conservapedia, has been revealed as extra-Biblical liberal bias against capitalism.

Like any good “green” movement, Leftmas turns kids into little Al Gores with subtle brainwashing. Santa’s Workshop is located at the North Pole, the perfect stage for global warming scaremongering. Who wants Santa’s elves to be stranded on a melting ice floe? And what of his reindeer? You don’t want to disrupt their flight patterns by drilling for oil, do you?

And what’s all this food drive and bellringer stuff? You know what they say, give a man a fish and you’ll feed him for a day, but teach him to fish, yadda yadda yadda. I usually just put a slip of paper that says “Get a job” in those buckets. Tell me- which do you think will feed a man more?

I’m sure there are more examples. Like I said before, the holiday has been completely saturated with leftist propaganda. At this point, my neighbors have simply given up in the face of my impenetrable arguments. Frustrated by being so thoroughly spanked in debate, they excuse themselves. Before they leave, I give them literature, and I tell them that even if they remain unconvinced, I’ll still wish them a Happy Kwaanzaa.

As for the rest of us, may your Christmas be merry and right!


Roundabouts: Man or Menace?

Guest Blogger Susie Anklelength

Guest Blogger Susie Anklelength

In the interest of fair and balanced coverage, Kajed Heat is proud to feature conservative guest blogger Susie Ankelength. An All-American girl from Main Street Real America, Susie is currently studying to become a think tank consultant and serves as vice president of the Youth Parcheesi Champions for Abstinence. Take it away, Susie!

First off, I would like to thank Johnny Kaje and the Globe for providing a platform for me. I would also like to passive-aggressively dangle accusations of bias over their head in an effort to boss them around, and maybe get my own blog.

Maybe the Globe has no choice but to silence conservative voices such as myself. After all, Obama and his jackbooted Hopetroopers are running roughshod all over America’s traditions and leaving only devastation in their wake.

Take roundabouts.

Do you want this around your children?

Do you want this around your children?

As I speak, a road in Duquesne is being torn up for a new roundabout. According to Joe Wilson, this is all part of a radical provision in Obama’s stimulus package to replace every stoplight in America with these sissy Eurotrash mazes. Yes, as is typical of liberalism, Europe Good, America Bad.

What is more Americana than stoplights? Did you know that the stoplight was invented by a black man? Yep. Garrett Augustus Morgan, a former slave, patented it in 1923. Just goes to show you that for all their screaming about our watermelon jokes, e-mail forwards, Kenya conspiracy theories,  toy monkeys in Obama shirts, anti-civil rights attitudes, and teabagger posters; it’s really the Democrats that are the racists.

This is also an embodiment of the Democrat’s socialist leanings. Like most good Americans, I work hard for the good things in life. But according to the rules of the roundabout, if some deadbeat in an El Camino arrives at the roundabout before a small business owner with a full time job, guess who has to yield first? This redistribution of right-of-ways is really the redistribution of WRONG-of-ways.

Roundabout proponents say that roundabouts are safer and more efficient than stoplights. More nanny state coddling-we certainly don’t what people to have to take responsibility for themselves, do we? They might become independent and self sufficient.

As for efficiency, you know what else is efficient? EUTHANASIA.

I don’t want a roundabout getting between me and my destination. More importantly, I don’t want a roundabout to get between me and my America. Do you?

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